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We’re here to help you! If you’re already a registered member, the fastest way to get help with using is by logging in and posting your question in our help & support discussion forum. The reason for posting it there is it may help other people experiencing the same problem. Posting there helps our community.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I register as a member?

To register as a member on, simply create an account here then follow these steps:

  1. Check your inbox for an activation email from us. If you don’t see the email,
    please check your spam folder and mark the email as ‘Not Spam’ so that future notifications land in your inbox properly.
  2. You’ll receive two emails. For some strange (and annoying!) reason, you’ll receive an email welcoming you to before you’ve actually completed registration! To complete registration, please look for the activation email and click the email verification link inside.
  3. When you click the email verification link, you’ll land back on the login page. Please go ahead and log in.
  4. That’s it, you’re all set! Look in your personal account menu (top right of the site – you’ll see links there like ‘profile’ and ‘settings’ through which you can upload a profile image and manage your email settings etc.

By the way – membership is free.

I've registered, but can't log in

We’re very sorry you’re experiencing problems logging in and thank you for persevering!

Please check your email. You should have received two emails from One email will be welcoming you to the site. The other email will be an activation email to verify your email address. Please open the activation email and click on the verification link. This will take you to the login page – you should now be able to log in.

If you’ve followed these steps and still can’t log in, then the next step is to reset your password.

If you’ve reset your password and still can’t log in, then please send us a message via the contact form below or through our Facebook page.

How do I stop you sending me emails?!

We’re really not trying to spam you! When you join our discussion groups or make friends with another community member, our platform automatically sends out emails detailing the activity on site. You can control the frequency of these emails by logging in, and clicking on ‘Settings’ – a menu link which can be found inside your account menu (top right of the screen). On the settings page, please click on ‘Groups’ – you’ll see a list of all the groups you’re in and a link to change the frequency of emails you receive.

How do I add a profile photo and bio?

Easy! Make sure you’re logged in. Then look in the top right corner of the screen – can you see your name? Hover over it – you’ll see a menu drops down. From there, click on profile. On your profile page, you’ll see lots of settings you can control. One of these settings is ‘edit profile’.

If you have a question which isn’t covered in the FAQs and it’s a question you would rather keep private, then feel free to send us a message using this form:

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