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    I have been looking at COLU in detail over the last 48 hours; I consider that this has to be one of the future pathways for blockchain – demystifying the technology and bringing real utility for everyday use of crypto.

    Definitely one to watch in 2018.

    • I agree. Although I read a good post which described this as “Excellent solution desperately seeking a problem”; the author suggest that communities (and especially businesses) don’t want the additional complication of a currency that only has value within a specifically defined location.

      I tend to agree. But I’ll still be investing in this ICO because I can see the advantages of having a great wallet / POS system that’s already in the marketplace developing brand awareness. Companies change direction and dispense with features all the time. It may well be that COLU discards it’s “local currency” network and focusses instead on developing CLN as a master currency in it’s own right.

      We’ll see!


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