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    Hi, I am new to ICOs and was thinking of investing in Rentberry.

    According to the Rentberry white paper, it states

    “The application cost for prospective tenants (including access to the Rentberry Auctioning
    Technology) will be 1,000 BERRY tokens (expected to be approximately $200 USD) per
    application, of which 50 BERRY tokens (expected to be approximately $10 USD) will be..”

    which is about 0.2 dollars per berry token.

    For the ICO purchase
    1 ETH = 2500 berry tokens with the 27% bonus its 3170 berry tokens
    At 1 ETH = 1350 dollars your buying 1 berry token at 1350/3170 = 0.42 dollars in their ICO.

    So it seems you are paying more for the berry tokens than what they think it will be worth in the future?

    • You make a great point. I think their pricing will definitely change once the token is up and running. It has also been interesting to see that during ICO, the number of BERRY tokens you get depends on the price of ETH at the time you make your deposit, rather than taking the price of ETH at the end of the sale and giving people their share based on that. So yes, with the massive change in the price of ETH since ICO launch and no corresponding change in the number of tokens received per USD invested, the sums don’t add up.


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