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ICO review criteria

Each Initial Coin Offering (ICO) has been reviewed by authors at decrptd. IMPORTANT: nothing you read on this site should be considered ‘investment/financial advice’ in any way. All we’re doing is presenting a point of view, and inviting the community to respond with their own opinions. Here are the review categories we’ve used:

  1. Real world utility
    At decrptd, we believe that real world utility is the single most important aspect to any investment. If the coin, platform, or application doesn’t have a real function that solves a real problem or innovates in some new way, then it’s useless and will likely fail.
  2. Market Size
    If the ICO doesn’t solve a problem affecting a large enough audience, then whilst it may succeed, it may not necessarily bring the scale of return on investment you are looking for. Similarly, if the ICO is limited to a niche audience, then this limited Market Size may affect liquidity and your ability to sell the coins quickly should you wish to.
  3. Roadmap
    Some ICOs are nothing more than a whitepaper! That’s not necessarily a bad thing; but it is something to bear in mind when considering your investment timeframe. If you’re after quick returns, then you’ll want to consider the state of development. For example, is the company pitching the ICO established?
    Do they have a working product? And what does the timeline look like in terms of bringing their product to market?

Feel free to disagree! We don’t profess to know every cryptocurrency inside out, so if you have a differing opinion, then please post it as a review comment so others can see a more balanced view.

Featured ICO Review



COLU is one of the most exciting ICOs we’ve seen throughout the last year. It is an established company with an existing product already in market. It makes appropriate use of blockchain technology and will definitely be an app that helps to drive mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency in the real-world consumer space. Read our COLU ICO Review to see why this one could be worth considering!

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