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Types of cryptocurrency coins

In the table below, you will find lots of reviews about lots of different types of cryptocurrency coins. Each coin has been categorised into one of three groups:

  1. Currency Coins
    These are coins that are intended to a store of wealth and able to be used for peer to peer payments. Bitcoin is a good example of a ‘currency’ cryptocurrency.
  2. Platform tokens
    These are tokens associated with a specific blockchain and are used as ‘the fuel’ for that blockchain. Ethereum is a good example of a platform token. The Ethereum blockchain is used by many other cryptocurrency applications, and the Ethereum token ‘Ether’ is the unit of cryptocurrency which is used in transactions associated with that blockchain.
  3. Application Tokens
    These are cryptocurrency tokens associated with a particular service based on a blockchain. For example, the ‘Enjin’ token is used within the Enjin platform as a currency for trading items collected inside online games.

If you’re interested in focussing on cryptocurrencies of a particular type, then try using the table filters. You can click on ‘Token Type’ to sort as necessary.

Coin review criteria

Each cryptocurrency has been reviewed by authors at decrptd. IMPORTANT: nothing you read on this site should be considered ‘investment/financial advice’ in any way. All we’re doing is presenting a point of view, and inviting the community to respond with their own opinions. Here are the review categories we’ve used:

  1. Real world utility
    At decrptd, we believe that real world utility is the single most important aspect to cryptocurrency. If the coin, platform, or application doesn’t have a real function that solves a real problem or innovates in some new way, then it’s useless and will likely fail.
  2. Market Cap
    This is simply a way to assess the value of a cryptocurrency in relation to others. In some ways, it can also serve as a measure of ‘what others think’ – especially if you consider market cap and trading volume in the same process.
  3. Investability
    Totally made up word! This is simply our view on the potential each coin has for delivering return on investment. It is a completely subjective review of the idea, the market size, support from developers, degree of establishment and roadmap maturity.

Feel free to disagree! We don’t profess to know every cryptocurrency inside out, so if you have a differing opinion, then please post it as a review comment so others can see a more balanced view.

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