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Terms of Service

By visiting decrptd.com and/or registering as a member you agree to these terms of service.

Ownership of content

All content (including user generated content) published on decrptd.com is the property of decrptd.com. It may be removed or moderated by decrptd.com at any time without consent or notification. You may not use any data mining, robots, or similar data gathering and extraction tools on the content, frame any portion of decrptd.com or content, sublicense, assign, transfer, sell, loan, or otherwise distribute for payment the content without our prior written consent.

Content disclaimer

decrptd.com makes no guarantee that the content published on this site is accurate and suitable for all users’ needs. All content remains the personal opinion of the individual authors and should be verified independently by users. These opinions include all reviews published by decrptd.com and all comments made in any of our discussion forums. Nothing on decrptd.com is intended to represent any form of financial or investment advice. Users are strongly advised to conduct their own research and remain responsible for any decisions they make in respect of investing or trading in cryptocurrency.

Courses disclaimer

All course content is the opinion of the individual course authors. decrptd.com is not an educational institution of any kind; merely a marketplace where any individual can upload a video explaining how they personally do something / perform a task. These courses do not represent any guarantee of any outcome or any guarantee that users will acquire any recognised qualification of any kind. Like the rest of the content on decrptd.com, courses are the opinion of their authors and users should consider this when conducting themselves online.

Payments and refunds

decrptd.com does not offer refunds for any courses purchased. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the order is correct prior to confirming the purchase. If a user experiences any technical problems viewing their purchased course, they should contact support. Payments are handled securely via PayPal. Customers are able to purchase using a PayPal account or with credit card. All transactions are processed on the PayPal website with all data security and buyer protection provided by PayPal. No credit card information is collected or stored by decrptd.com.


decrptd.com is intended to be a supportive community which welcomes everyone interested in cryptocurrency irrespective of any social dimension or knowledge level. We expect all users to conducts themselves in a friendly and helpful manner. We reserve the right to permanently delete and block any users seen to be acting contrary to this at any time and without prior notice.

Privacy Policy

decrptd.com uses a ‘profile’ to create user accounts and manage entitlements across the website. This profile data is collected and stored using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protection. Users’ data is never shared with any 3rd party for any purpose.

Data collected during registration:

  1. Username
  2. Name
  3. Password

Users may elect to add information to their profile such as a bio description and profile image.


All activity on the site is monitored in three ways:

  1. Analytics
    Visitor behaviour such as source origin, time of day, location, browser type, pages viewed, visit duration, clicks etc are monitored using Google Analytics. This data is collected to help us understand how people use decrptd.com and how we can improve the experience.
  2. Moderation
    decrptd.com staff monitor all user generated content that is submitted either via our review pages, contact forms, or discussion groups.
  3. Automatic activity tracking
    decrptd.com rewards users for performing certain actions that benefit the community, such as commenting in discussion groups, viewing review pages, and posting reviews. These activities are monitored automatically and points are awarded when these actions are performed. The total number of points accrued by each user is stored in our database.

How profile data is used

We primarily use profile data to improve the experience for our visitors. We analyse data to understand which type of content is favoured by our visitors so we can prioritise producing more of it. We use the data to identify technical problems across decrptd.com so these can be fixed.

Profile data is also used to communicate with our members. For example, all members who join a discussion group will receive emails detailing the activity in that group. Users are able to choose the frequency of such communication from within their profile settings.

How to manage your profile and privacy settings

Users are able to edit their profile (email address, bio, profile picture, email communication frequency preferences) from their profile settings. For more support on managing privacy, please contact support.

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