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decrptd.com is an online community for people who want to learn how to profit from cryptocurrency. We publish reviews of cryptocurrency tokens, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) and maintain an open marketplace of training through which our members can expand their skills and knowledge regarding investing in cryptocurrency.

Community first

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is still in its infancy. Whilst some people have over 10 years experience in the field, the majority of people are brand new and seeking knowledge. I think all of us will agree that the barrier to entry for investing in cryptocurrency is high – especially for non-technical people; but it is surmountable. Above all else, we want decrptd.com to be a friendly, supportive community where each member willing shares their experiences and lessons learned for the benefit of others. After all – this isn’t a competition; we’re all here to see our capital grow! decrptd.com includes a ‘Facebook-style’ groups experience which makes it possible for people to post content and communicate with others interested in similar topics. All community groups can be found here.

Skills, training and experience

Like most things in life, there are no fast-tracks. The only way to invest in cryptocurrency safely is by getting the right training, developing skills, and pacing yourself in the early stages while gaining experience. These vital ingredients are available in the form of cryptocurrency training courses and discussion groups.

decrptd.com is a marketplace for cryptocurrency training

There are lots of tutors and trainers out there delivering cryptocurrency training courses. The problem though is that newcomers have no idea of knowing whether the information contained in these courses or the manner in which they are delivered will suit their needs. By providing a marketplace which allows all vendors of cryptocurrency training to sell their courses, members will be able to access a wider variety of training without having to ‘shop around’ the internet. Overtime, member reviews will further help newcomers to select the best training relative to experience levels.

Cryptocurrency coin & ICO Reviews

An essential step towards profiting from cryptocurrency is learning about the different coins and ICO investment opportunities that exist. To help with that, decrptd.com regularly publishes new cryptocurrency coin reviews and ICO reviews to give our members a head-start on due diligence. It is important to note that these reviews are simply the opinions of their authors; our platform includes the ability to submit ‘user reviews’ which are displayed on the review pages and aggregated to arrive at a ‘community review score’.

Member ‘points’ and badges

We reward members for participating on decrptd.com. Certain actions such as visiting the site, reading reviews, submitting user reviews, and participating in the discussion groups will earn points. These points are displayed adjacent to each member’s profile name in different locations around the site. We do this to allow members to build their reputation. We also assign certain badges to users depending on the status they have within our community. For example, all vendors of training courses have the badge ‘Tutor’, while all members in their first 30 days of membership have the badge labelled ‘New’. Over time, we’ll be adding more badges to add more recognition to different types of members.

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Membership is required in order to leave user reviews, buy training, or participate in our discussion groups. Membership is free. You can join decrptd.com by filling out this short registration form.

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